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Recovered Connections Sober Living for Men

Recovered Connections is excited to announce the opening of a second sober living house for men in the Dallas, Texas area. If you or a friend need sober living please contact me. 




"This place is amazing. It saved my life!!! The owners are very personable and they listen to you and your needs. The rooms are spacious and the beds are huge! The residents are also friendly and get along well with others. Anyone looking for or know anyone who is looking for a safe haven to stay sober from alcohol and/or drugs, this is the place."  Sammy M.


"Recovered connections has been a life changing experience. Not once, but TWICE. At time when’s I have struggled in my recovery and needed a safe and structured environment to get and stay sober; David, Lisa, and Sarah have been beacons of light during some of the darkest times of my life. I have lived in sober living before but I have never lived somewhere as recovery oriented as recovered connections. There house is the perfect balance a freedom and structure while you journey through the twelve steps. I wasn’t quite ready to leave the first time I stayed (they opened the house a few weeks early just so I could have somewhere safe to land after my stay at sante center for healing) but they welcomed me back with open arms and warm hearts when I needed a safe place to sober up again. I am forever grateful for my past, current, and future experiences at Recovered Connections.

P.S. the amenities are unparalleled to any sober living I’ve ever heard of. I have seen sober homes that cost twice the price with half of the amenities and services that Recovered Connections has to offer.

If you or someone is struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. There is no better or safer place to get recover."  Case W.

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